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Navigating WalkBook App Options for Political Campaigns: Advantage, Sidekick, and NUMINAR

Walkbook apps have become crucial tools for political campaigns, facilitating door-to-door canvassing by organizing voter contact information and streamlining the engagement process with constituents. Among the prominent walkbook apps are those offered by Advantage, Sidekick, and NUMINAR. Each platform has its own set of features designed to meet various campaign needs, from targeting specific voter segments to optimizing walking routes. Here is an overview of each and the process for gaining access, including considerations for campaigns looking for no or low-cost options.


Advantage offers a suite of campaign tools, including a walk book app that is highly regarded for its comprehensive data management capabilities. This app allows campaigns to access voter lists, script responses, and record interactions in real time, ensuring that canvassers have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. To get access to Advantage’s walk book app, campaigns typically need to contact the company directly for pricing and subscription details. Advantage may offer packages tailored to the size and needs of the campaign.


Sidekick is another popular choice for political campaigns, known for its user-friendly interface and efficient route planning features. This app helps canvassers to minimize travel time between locations, ensuring that they can reach as many voters as possible. Additionally, Sidekick provides robust analytics tools to measure campaign impact and adjust strategies accordingly. Access to Sidekick involves reaching out to the provider for a demo and discussing pricing plans that fit the campaign budget. Sidekick may also offer special pricing for smaller campaigns or early-stage initiatives.


NUMINAR is a newer entrant to the political campaign technology space, offering innovative walk book solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to predict voter behavior and optimize canvassing efforts. The platform includes features for detailed voter segmentation, predictive analytics, and automated follow-up tasks, making it a powerful tool for campaigns looking to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. To access NUMINAR’s services, campaigns need to inquire directly with the company, where they can receive information on packages, pricing, and any available trials or demos.

Access and Cost Considerations

For campaigns interested in accessing these walk book apps at no or low cost, it is essential to check with your state party. Many state parties have agreements with technology providers to offer their tools at discounted rates or even for free to affiliated campaigns. The process typically involves:

  1. Contacting Your State Party: Reach out to your state party to inquire about available campaign tools and any partnerships with app providers.
  2. Evaluating Options: Based on the information provided by your state party, evaluate which app best meets your campaign’s needs in terms of features, usability, and support.
  3. Negotiating Access: Once you’ve identified your preferred app, work with your state party or directly with the app provider to negotiate access. Be sure to discuss any potential costs, discounts, or sponsorship opportunities.

It’s important to note that while you can choose any walk book app for your campaign, opting for one that comes with the endorsement or financial support of your state party can provide significant savings. However, if a specific app offers unique features that you believe are critical for your campaign’s success, it may be worth investing in, even at full cost.

In conclusion, Advantage, Sidekick, and NUMINAR offer compelling walk book apps for political campaigns, each with its own strengths and focus areas. By working closely with your state party, you can identify which app is available at a reduced cost or for free, ensuring that your campaign has access to the tools it needs to be effective without straining your budget.

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