things to consider when running for office

Let’s Start with the Basics

Before you announce, talking to your spouse, family, and close friends is important. Let them know you are thinking about running. RED FLAG: If your spouse isn’t on board with your plans, you don’t want to run. It will lead down a rough and bumpy road. 

After you’ve got the blessing to run for office from your spouse and family, your first task is to find a campaign treasurer. You can’t run without one, and you’ll want to find someone detail-oriented because you don’t want to be late with filings. Your treasurer’s name will be on every piece of political material you put out, from your website to tee shirts. A good rule to follow is that when in doubt, put the authority line on it. I will address the authority line in a later column. 

After becoming a candidate and getting a treasurer, you must go to the State Board of Elections to file. This is a cool location, and depending on which office you are running for, you should make a day of it and take plenty of pictures and videos on the day you file. Consider doing a Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Live, and post a tweet right after you file – just something brief. Congratulations! You are now a candidate.

Congratulations on choosing to run for elected office! Having personally run for office four times, I can attest that it’s an experience beyond compare, truly invaluable. Your state offers various positions, from federal roles such as U.S. Congress or Senate to local positions like city council. To get started, contacting your local board of elections is crucial. They’ll provide important information regarding filing deadlines and the specific offices you can run for in your area.

Best of luck on your political journey!

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