Day-of-Event Review and Attendee Sign-Up Strategy"

Day-of-Event Review and Attendee Sign-Up Strategy

For your campaign kick-off, ensure a thorough day-of-event review. Volunteers and planners should arrive two hours early for setup, focusing on venue preparation, including seating and audio-visual equipment. Establish a registration and sign-up area to collect attendee information like name, email, address, interests in issues, willingness to volunteer, yard sign preference, and voting plans. Review the final speech and agenda, confirm safety and accessibility measures, and brief the team on communication protocols and emergency procedures. Utilize a specially designed Excel template for attendee sign-ups, capturing crucial data for building a strong support base and engaging effectively with the community.

For the day of your campaign kick-off, it’s crucial to review several aspects to ensure a smooth and successful event. Here are the key areas to focus on:

Day-of Event Review Checklist

Venue Preparation:

  • Ensure the venue is set up according to plan.
  • Check seating arrangements, audio-visual equipment, and decorations.

Volunteer and Planner Coordination:

  • Volunteers and planners should arrive at least 2 hours before the event for setup.
  • Assign specific roles and areas of responsibility to each volunteer and planner.

Registration and Sign-Up Area:

  • Set up a designated area for attendee registration and sign-ups.
  • Ensure all materials for sign-ups are ready (forms, pens, etc.).

Collection of Attendee Information:

  • Collect essential details like name, email, address, and their interests in specific issues.
  • Ask if they are willing to volunteer, take a yard sign, and their voting plan (early, by mail, or on election/primary day).

Speech and Agenda Final Review:

  • Go through the final speech and event agenda.
  • Ensure all speakers and presenters are prepared and briefed.

Safety and Accessibility Checks:

  • Verify that all safety measures are in place.
  • Ensure the venue is accessible to all attendees.

Communication Briefing:

  • Brief volunteers and staff on communication protocols during the event.
  • Ensure everyone knows how to handle inquiries and direct attendees.

Emergency Plan:

  • Review the emergency plan with all volunteers and staff.
  • Ensure everyone knows the procedures in case of an emergency.

Sign-Up Sheet Template in Excel

I have created a blank spreadsheet template for the sign-up area. This template includes columns for the attendee’s name, email, address, issues they are interested in, willingness to volunteer, willingness to take a yard sign, and their voting plan. This template will help you efficiently collect and organize important information from attendees.

Here’s how the template looks:

NameEmailAddressIssues Interested InWilling to VolunteerWilling to Take Yard SignVoting Plan (Early, Mail, Election Day)

This template will be a valuable tool for gathering data and building your support base during the kick-off event.

Campaign Kick-Off: Day-of-Event Checklist

Morning Preparation

  • [ ] Venue Final Check: Ensure setup matches the plan (seating, stage, AV equipment).
  • [ ] Signage: Place directional and informational signs.
  • [ ] Registration Area: Set up with necessary materials (forms, pens, etc.).
  • [ ] Volunteer Briefing: Assign roles, discuss protocols and emergency procedures.
  • [ ] Safety Measures: Confirm all safety and accessibility arrangements.


  • [ ] Volunteer and Planner Arrival: Ensure everyone arrives 2 hours early.
  • [ ] Registration and Sign-Up Preparedness: Verify that sign-up sheets are ready.
  • [ ] Technical Rehearsal: Test microphones, speakers, and presentation equipment.
  • [ ] Speaker/VIP Preparation: Confirm arrival and readiness of all speakers.
  • [ ] Catering Setup: If applicable, ensure food and beverages are arranged.

During Event

  • [ ] Registration and Sign-Ups: Efficiently manage attendee entry and information collection.
  • [ ] Time Management: Keep the event running according to the agenda.
  • [ ] Crowd Management: Ensure volunteers are assisting and directing attendees.
  • [ ] Problem Solving: Address any unexpected issues promptly.


  • [ ] Clean-Up: Coordinate with volunteers for efficient clean-up.
  • [ ] Equipment Return: Ensure all borrowed or rented equipment is returned or stored.
  • [ ] Lost and Found: Set up a system for lost items during the event.
  • [ ] Thank You Notes: Prepare notes for speakers, volunteers, and important guests.


  • [ ] Data Entry: Input collected data from sign-up sheets.
  • [ ] Feedback Gathering: Collect and review feedback from team and attendees.
  • [ ] Debrief Meeting: Schedule a meeting to discuss what went well and areas for improvement.

This checklist will help ensure that every aspect of your campaign kick-off event is covered, from initial setup to post-event follow-up, ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

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