Door Knocking Script for Campaign Volunteers


  • Knock on the door or ring the doorbell.
  • Smile and step back to give space once the door is opened.

“Good [morning/afternoon/evening], my name is [Your Name], and I’m a volunteer with [Candidate’s Name]’s campaign for [Position]. How are you today?”

Brief Pitch: “I’m here because [Candidate’s Name] is committed to [briefly mention 1-2 key campaign issues], and we believe these issues are crucial for our community. [Candidate’s Name] has a plan to [brief explanation of the candidate’s plan on these issues].

Engage Without Debating: “Can we count on your support for [Candidate’s Name] in the upcoming election?”

  • If Yes: “That’s great to hear! Can we count on you to vote on [Election Date or EARLY VOTING or by Mail]? Every vote is crucial.”
  • If No or Undecided: “I understand. Is there a particular issue that’s most important to you? While I’m here to share information rather than debate, I can provide more details or direct you to resources where you can learn more about [Candidate’s Name]’s stance on issues you care about.”

Closing: “Thank you for your time! Don’t forget, election day is [Election Date, Early Voting Starts], and your vote is important. If you have any questions or need information on voting locations, please feel free to visit our website at [Campaign Website]. Have a great day!”

“Thank you again for your time, and have a wonderful day!”

This script is designed to keep the interaction positive, informative, and brief. It emphasizes respectful engagement and efficient time use to maximize outreach efforts.

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