Your Guide to Basic Website Updates"

Essential Tutorial Sites for Novice WordPress & Drupal Users:

Your Guide to Basic Website Updates

WordPress Tutorial Sites for Beginners:

  1. WPBeginner: Over 700 free WordPress tutorials. WPBeginner
  2. Documentation: The official documentation of WordPress. Documentation
  3. WP101: WordPress video tutorials service. WP101
  4. Kinsta Blog: Tutorials and resources for WordPress users. Kinsta Blog
  5. WP Apprentice: WordPress tutorials agency. WP Apprentice
  6. IsItWP Blog and DreamHost Blog: Insightful tutorials and tips for WordPress users. IsItWP Blog and DreamHost Blog

Drupal Tutorial Sites for Beginners:

  1. Beginners’ Guide to Drupal on Comprehensive introduction to Drupal. Beginners’ Guide to Drupal
  2. Hostinger Drupal Tutorial for Beginners: Detailed tutorial for Drupal beginners. Hostinger Drupal Tutorial
  3. Drupal Wiki guide on Guide to start using Drupal. Drupal Wiki guide
  4. Getting Started with Drupal Workshop on Training workshop for Drupal beginners. Getting Started with Drupal Workshop
  5. Udemy Course ‘Drupal For Absolute Beginners’: Udemy course for beginners in Drupal. Drupal For Absolute Beginners

These resources offer a mix of step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and comprehensive workshops to help beginners learn and make updates on WordPress and Drupal platforms.

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