1.  Continued Fundraising – Fundraising isn’t going to be easy we as the State Party must focus on fundraising as well as assisting counties with their Lincoln Day, Reagan Day Dinners as well as working with clubs, auxiliaries and individuals who want to move the Republican Party Forward.

2.   2023 Municipal Races – In 2015 we elected Republican Tom Rodriguez in Blue Kensington, Maryland. We need to focus on municipal races across Maryland, we must stop seeding ground to the Democrats. 

3.   Technology – We need to up our game on social media and our own websites as well as aggressive texting and email campaigns. We need to identify Republicans who will vote by mail make sure they have a ballot and we make sure it’s put back in the mail. Mail-In voting is here to stay and isn’t going to change until we take the Maryland House and Senate and Governorship, in short complaining and whining about mail-in voting isn’t going to help us. We must harvest these votes like a farmer harvests his crops.

4.   Recruit Good Candidates – The biggest problem is that counties like Montgomery my home county fail to recruit candidates for every line. As a result, these unopposed Democrats take their money and spend them in counties like Frederick, Anne Arundel, and other counties where Republicans can win. We need to understand that we can’t all win however we can’t roll over 
for the Democrats. As Republicans in Blue areas need to be like the French resistance who died to make sure D-Day was successful

5.   Youth Outreach – we need to get more young people involved in Republican politics we need to sponsor them at our Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. I was young once it was hard to come up with $75 dollars for a Republican Dinner and in the age of
Bindenflation, it’s much harder.

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