When crafting a messaging plan for a specific public office, it’s crucial to focus on issues relevant to that position and avoid topics like foreign policy if you’re running for a local office like county council. Here are key points tailored to different levels of public office:

  1. Running for Local Office (e.g., City Council, Mayor, County Council):
  • Local Infrastructure: Emphasize improving roads, public transport, and local facilities.
  • Community Development: Focus on urban planning, local business support, and community projects.
  • Public Safety: Address local law enforcement, fire services, and emergency response.
  • Education: Discuss local schools, funding, and educational programs.
  • Health and Public Services: Focus on local healthcare facilities, public health initiatives, and social services.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Highlight local environmental policies and sustainability efforts.
  1. Running for State Office (e.g., State Legislator, Governor):
  • Statewide Economic Development: Talk about state economic policies, job creation, and business incentives.
  • Education Policy: Address statewide educational standards, funding, and teacher support.
  • Healthcare System: Discuss state-level healthcare policies and insurance.
  • Infrastructure Projects: Emphasize statewide transport and infrastructure improvements.
  • Environmental and Energy Policies: Focus on state-level environmental regulations and energy initiatives.
  1. Running for National Office (e.g., Congress, Senate, President):
  • National Economy and Trade: Discuss national economic policies, taxation, and trade agreements.
  • Healthcare Policy: Address national healthcare systems, insurance, and public health initiatives.
  • National Security: Focus on defense, law enforcement, and homeland security.
  • Education and Research: Discuss federal funding for education and research initiatives.
  • Environmental and Energy Policy: Talk about national environmental regulations and energy independence.

For all levels, it’s important to:

  • Tailor the Message: Ensure the issues discussed are directly under the jurisdiction of the office you’re running for.
  • Community Engagement: Emphasize listening to and representing the concerns of your constituents.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Commit to ethical practices and responsible governance.

Avoid discussing foreign policy in local and most state-level campaigns, as it falls outside their jurisdiction. Focus on tangible, actionable issues that resonate with the electorate at the specific level of government you are aiming to serve.

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